Sarah-Jane popped out from behind her new daytime desk at BBC 1xtra to attend the launch of her celebrity friend and Topshop heiress Chloe Green’s debut shoe collection CJG in London on Tuesday night.

She channeled Jay-Z with an All Black Everything look, in a long and loose black striped dress with her favourite accessory, a pair of tights. Her strappy shoes added a spring edge to the look and stopped it from being too Gothic.

Her trademark black locks were let down for the night with a fringe that really suits her face and that cheeky smile, and are those black painted toenails we spy? You can’t fault this girl’s consistency.

Our favourite socialite Vas J Morgan was there to support his bestie with a specially made cap. How sweet!

All the heels in the CJG (Chloe Jade Green) collection feature a mint green sole, well her name is Chloe Jade Green after all, and she beat the critics to it by admitting that the coloured sole nods to her love of Louboutin heels.

The line launched at Topshop’s website this morning and also hits the Oxford Circus flagship store in London.