(left) Moses Mathias (right) Giuseppe Gregory

Dolce and Gabbana shoes, G-Shock watches, Stone Island Jeans, a fully equipped gym, acupuncture treatment, lie ins and the freedom to watch your favorite TV show. Believe it or not this is the life of 18-year-old Moses Mathias who is serving a life sentence for the murder of 16-year-old Giuseppe Gregory in a pub car park in Stretford, Greater Manchester.

Mathias has caused controversy after secretly taking photos from his prison cell, boasting about prison luxuries and sharing information about his lazy back lifestyle behind bars on social networking site Facebook where he used the name James Gruffalo.

According to The Sun newspaper the teenager who is known to have been Britain’s youngest hitman, posted photos onto his profile showcasing a line of designer trainers and clothing bragging to friends on Facebook:

Wardrobe looking very Italian today.

Other messages included:

Yh i have a tv, 20channels it is gd x

Havin lunch and gettin bak in bed. am havin a lazy one, just waitin 4 the voice 2nyt cant wait!

Only i can get acupuncture

A relative of Giuseppe Gregory’s mother said:

She’s disgusted that Mathias can get a mobile in jail.“What’s the point of a life sentence if he enjoys the comforts of home like designer clothes, TV and acupuncture? He has shown no remorse