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Tim Westwood has been getting up to a lot of hanky panky over the last couple of months. We won’t go into detail, but we will refer you back to that stomach churning picture of him “daggering” a young girl (yep, absolutely awful).

It seems like the 54-year-old DJ loves the party lifestyle, as granddad hip hop has recently been at it it again. A couple of days ago, Westwood hosted a lively party in Birmingham which apparently ‘shut down the city.’ Although knowing Westwood and his cheesy ways, we’re sure that was a gross exaggeration.

Although Westwood has banned photography from his parties, luckily for us, the party was recorded and edited into a nice 13 minute video. It featured some awkward interviews with the ladies and some shots of them getting frisky on the dance floor. Also, in one clip, you see Westwood ‘daggering’ yet another girl (lordy! lordy!).

At this present moment in time, Westwood’s antics are beyond cringe. We will admit that he is a legendary DJ, but the daggering needs to stop. Someone please send him the memo that’s been quietly sitting in the corner gathering dust. What memo, I hear you ask? The memo titled, ‘You’re too old to be acting like a kid Mr Westwood!’