Our old mate Tulisa is always in a spot of bother! This time the X-factor judge’s right-hand man and PA Gareth Varey took one for the team on the head at Glasgow Airport.

But the reasons why remain unclear!

The Sun says a man complained about the pop princess’ foul language after she spotted an unflattering picture of her in a magazine. In the midst of which Gareth rose up to defend her honour.

The Mirror says a middle-aged man made a derogatory remark about Tulisa to which Gareth rose up to defend her honour.

Whatever happened, Gareth claims the man in his 40s gave him a “Glaswegian Kiss” which caused a gush of blood! Yuck!

Tulisa and her entourage feared that the same man might be on the same flight as them. With things not being quite resolved, they didn’t want another scrap on the plane, a source said.

Police even got involved and escorted Tulisa’s PA off the plane to quiz him over what happened.

Strathclyde Police confirmed, “We were called to a minor incident at Glasgow Airport between two people. There will be no further action.”

A spokesperson for Tulisa has since stated,”There was an argument at the airport but no further action is being taken.”

Tulisa was in Glasgow performing at the IN:Demand Live gig.