Tulisa channelling the secondary school chic look in horrendous black flats for her BGT Performance

Being Tulisa Contostavlos can’t be easy. Knowing that a dancing dog received a better public reaction than the debut performance of your new single can’t be an easy thing to digest.

Yes Tulisa, we have forgiven you for what you have done.  And congratulations for getting your first solo number one song. But we cannot, and will not, forgive you for your shocking performance on Brtitain’s Got Talent. Ever.

The former N-Dubz singer put her lyrics ‘We’re Young’ into practise by dad-dancing in front of millions of viewers in what looked like a pair of my sister’s school shoes and a detachable dress that could have been custom made in an after school club. Tissue paper and Velcro.

Obviously Tulisa and her stylist’s senses were on strike tonight, but then again just because you’re The Sexiest Woman in The world doesn’t mean you have to be sexy all the time. Right?

Check out the shocking performance below and do please share your thoughts in the comments.

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