Not impressed

There is always that one contestant on a reality singing contest who never takes rejection quite so well. OK so the Voice’s Ruth-Ann St Luce didn’t do a Rachel Crow but the Sun revealed that the 18-year-old blamed the ‘bad editing’ and the judges’ negative comments as the reason the public didn’t vote to keep her in the competition. She said

The comments of the judges play a big part in whether the public want to vote for you or not… In my blind audition and the battle round the last comments people saw of me were negative, but the judges had said positive things… I thought that was really unfair and didn’t make any sense. It’s unprofessional… They didn’t show my full performances or my comments, everyone else had their comments shown.

 The student then went on to explain that erm… ‘interesting’ utility jump suit she was made to wear on the live show.
Backstage, everyone else knew what they were wearing, except me… People had their performance outfit on, I was still in my camouflage jacket, jeans and socks. I was supposed to wear a lovely cream, angelic dress and it was changed at the last minute.
What do you make of Ruth-Ann’s excuse for her early exit?