Wiley was yesterday sensationally accused of theft by Birmingham’s MC Mayhem after he heard Wiley’s new freestyle Step 2 and came to the conclusion that the east London star had stolen his flow.


After taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations Mayhem drummed up support from many Brummie fans who agreed that an ‘Um’ said after a word, was Mayhem’s trademark.

At one point Wiley seemed to want to talk through the situation with Mayhem who wasn’t having any of it, telling Wiley he doesn’t take demands.

We would have thought any MC would be honored to have Wiley adopt their flow, but Mayhem was unimpressed with the Rolex rapper for not even giving him any recognition and tweeted that he had lost respect for the Godfather of Grime.

And as ridiculous as the whole story may sound to you, Mayhem believes he is being ‘taken out of the game’ and the two artists don’t seem to have publicly resolved their issues.

We think comparing what’s happened here to rape is a bit extreme, what do you think?