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I suggest you put down anything you’re drinking or eating right now, because what you’re about to read on this lovely Saturday afternoon is guaranteed to make you laugh until your lungs collapse. Earlier on today a YouTube clip of an angry woman spewing all sorts of insults (she used the F-word so many times she put Eminem to shame) was uploaded.

You would think that all this anger and aggression was due to someone committing a serious violation, but lo and behold it was over-wait for it- a lace wig. YES YOU READ CORRECTLY-a lace wig. For those of you who aren’t in the know with weave terminology, a lace wig is a wig that makes it look like the hair is growing out of your head and is worn by many celebrities, in particular Beyonce.

Lace Wig Messiah Beyonce Knowles

Apparently some individual named Marvin failed to sell this anonymous woman’s  lace wig, which then lead to her calling him up, insulting him, threatening to send someone round to his house and executing the verbal attack with homophobic slur. Yikes!

Check out the hilarious audio clip above.