50 Cent wants to work with Wayne Rooney

We never pictured the names 50 Cent and Wayne Rooney even being in the same sentence, but now reports have suggested that the unlikely pair could go into business together in the near future.

50 Cent has revealed that he is a big fan of Wayne Rooney and believes the pair could make a lot of money if they teamed up together.

The rapper told the Daily Star:

I want to become business partners with him. European soccer is a big business and there’s money to be made with top players.

The possibilities are endless. Restaurants in Europe, clothing stores, nightclubs. Making millions is cool, but making a billion is better, and Wayne knows it!

The Candy Shop singer also added:

When Euro 2012 is over I’ve invited Wayne and his family to stay at my place in Miami.

50 wouldn’t be the first major American rap mogul to declare an interest in opening restaurants with an English Premiere League / England footballer.

We’ll wait for our launch party invite in the post then shall we 50?