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Never a person to shy away from controversy and speaking his mind on the more pressing issues in society such as class and race, Akala has revealed that he believes conspiracy theories support a type of self racism amongst the black population.

With artists such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne fuelling rumours of the Illuminati and the existence of a secret society, many people are buying into the theory that success and ‘selling your soul’ to the devil go hand in hand. However, Akala isn’t convinced.

He told Amaru Don TV:

I don’t buy the theory that there’s five guys sitting in a room controlling the entire world… I think it’s a way of scaring us in to believing that we are powerless to do anything…

The rapper and poet feels that it is important to understand how racism could be contributing to the way conspiracy theories have become such a prominent subject in hip hop music:

In terms of it being emphasised in music, I would simply say it seems obvious to me, it’s racism. People want to over emphasise that five rich black people can’t get rich without working for some sort of sordid group…

To me it’s a way of black people perpetuating self racism because heavy metal groups have been using this same supposedly devil worshipping imagery… I’m just looking at why is such an emphasis placed on this, but not on the heavy metal artists that have been using the same imagery for so long.

Akala also asserted that if one of these rich and powerful black artists chose to change their content and rap about poor black people, they would no longer be popular.

Check out the interview (and history lesson) above and let us know whether you agree. Are conspiracy theories reinforcing racism in society?