It seems as though the only thing to do when your career isn’t going so well is to release sexy photos. This week Alexandra Burke did a Danni Park-Dempsey and released pictures of herself in a bikini with her new beach-ready toned bod.

At least Danni’s pics were taken by the paparazzi, unfortunately Alexandra had to use Twitter as a marketing tool and tweet them her own damn self.

Luckily Alexandra did manage to get some photographers to snap her on the beach later on in the Miami holiday with a ‘male friend.’ The singer, whose career seems to be taking quite a few sharp downturns, did the classic beach strolling,  sea splashing and hand holding with a mysterious man.

Unfortunately, Burke broke the first rule of weave, had a YOLO moment, and swam without protecting her hair which probably costs thousands of pounds. We wouldn’t have wanted to be there when she had to reach for that comb. Yikes!

Tragedy! I didn’t mean to put my head under the water!

Remember when Rihanna did the same thing before her appearance on the Jonathan Ross show? Will these celebs never learn?