A new web series written and directed by Samuell Benta of E20 is being called the UK’s answer to Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And after watching a few episodes of the show we can see why.

All About The McKenzies is a new drama about a black British family and has already gained attention overseas, scooping the award for great ensemble cast in a comedy at the Los Angeles Web Festival earlier this year.

And while Samuell Benta’s character may not be as tall and crazy as Will Smith, there are quite a few similarities between the show’s cast. So lets take a closer look at why All About the McKenzies may be just what we’ve been missing in our lives.

Charlene vs Hilary

Charlene McKenzie vs Hilary Banks

Charlene is like Hilary in many ways, the pretty schoolgirl is vain, lives in her own world and likes to look good. Speaking about her role, Charlene, played by Ria Horsford said

My character Charlene is very bubbly a bit fesisty, loves herself a bit

Charlene and Hilary are both family girls at heart, even though both ladies have a thing for extorting money or goods from their dads.

And if Charlene becomes as much of a fashion icon as Hilary was in the 90s, then we are definitely looking forward to her wardrobe in the upcoming episodes.

Andre vs Carlton

Andre McKenzie vs Carlton Banks

Andre and Carlton could be separated at birth. The pint sized characters are both straight-A students and prone to making a fool of themselves. And while Carlton is known for his signature dance moves, Andre still has a lot of work to do on his Dougie, if he wants to get the girls.

Carlton is undoubtedly one of the most memorable characters of any 90s sitcom, so if the thought of Andre’s outfits and funny oneliners can keep us laughing for days then perhaps we can expect a ‘The Andre Show’ spin-off in the future.

Raymond vs Philip

Raymond McKenzie vs Philip Banks

Like Philip Banks, Raymond has a title that comes with a lot of power. Phil is a judge and Raymond is a CID detective and both of their jobs interfere with their home lives. Strict, serious and well respected these dads are the masters of their homes.

Though one thing both men are slaves to is food:

Raymond’s belly may not rival Phil’s just yet, but if he carries on eating cake in that way, then he might have to make a trip to his local Big and Tall store.

Samuell vs Will

Samuell McKenzie vs Will Smith

He may not have the big ears and same funky dress sense, but Samuell definitely has the face. As the lead actor in the show it’s only fair that Samuell uses his real name, just like Will did. Though unlike Will, Samuell has some extra baggage in the shape of a baby and baby mama.

Samuell also deals with a bully in All About the Mckenzies. His baby mama’s new Nigerian boyfriend is over 7 foot tall and just like Will’s bully in the opening credits, likes to embarrass Samuell.

Delia vs Vivian

Delia McKenzie vs Vivian Banks

Delia’s musical talents remind us more of the old Vivian Banks, but her soft natured personality is similar to the new Vivian who was more of a homemaker and seemed to support her kids no matter what they did. Just like the old Vivian, Delia loves to dance. I mean who can forget the scene in the dance class when Vivian showed those young girls that a 40-year-old woman can move just as well as them.

So if the series is promising an episode with Delia dressed up in a skin tight latex catsuit, we will definitely be adding her to our MILF list.

Angel vs Nicky

Angel McKenzie vs Nicky Banks

Angel may be as cute as Nicky, but don’t let her name fool you. The mischievous 10-year-old is forever annoying her older siblings, especially Samuell who she loves to get into trouble. And as naughty as she is, her dad absolutely adores her. Though every family needs an Angel McKenzie for a bit of balance right?



Poor grandad. Unfortunately there’s no one in the Fresh Prince you remind us of. But no worries there’s nothing wrong with being unique. Saying that Grandad’s lady skills do kind of remind us of Jazzy Jeff’s endless flirting with Hilary. But you’ll have to watch the show to know what we mean.

Can’t make up your mind? Well after a few episodes we’re sure you’ll be able to spot the similarities. And if you do find a character for Grandad then let us know in the comments below.