Every guy has a pulling technique. Fact. Whether it’s cheesy chat up lines, buying the girl a drink or just being themselves. Guys have their fail safe methods to get a girl’s attention in a nightclub and Aml Ameen shows you just how those (unsuccessful) methods are put into practice in his new short film The Pick Up.

Directed by and starring the 26-year-old Harry’s Law actor, The Pick Up demonstrates how characters Jay and Adrian, use some elaborate tricks to bag themselves a ‘nightcap’ with university students Roxanne and Hannah. However, their other friend David intervenes and tells the girls the chat up plan, ruining the boys’ chances.

We have to admit, this seemed like an extended intro to a music video for the most part and the acting and ‘The Pick Up’ itself was rather cringey. Definitely not something the girls in the Pappzd office would fall for. Nevertheless, if it was Aml Ameen trying to chat us up, we’d probably let him get away with it. Twice!

Watch the short film below.

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