There’s always that one fan that’s a bit too eager to get near the artist at a concert… and steal their watch. Yes, that’s right, a fan robbed A$AP Rocky of his $15,000 (roughly £9,660) watch during his set at Camden Electric Ballroom in London on Wednesday night.

The Goldie rapper was getting up close and personal with his fans at the front of the stage when one cheeky bugger caused the concert to come to a halt after snatching Rocky’s watch. Once the lights came on, the culprit was pointed out and the accessory was returned by the more loyal fans at the show.

Rocky then ordered the crowd to ‘f*ck up’ the dumb brave person who stole the watch and carried on with the concert in true hip hop style.

Check out the incident in the video below. We particularly like the part where the fan who retrieved the watch comes running back in like he’s found a golden ticket.

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