This week the Old Bailey heard the chilling account of how 19-year-old Amin Akin murdered his girlfriend Cheryl Tariah in a flat back in February. The Iranian asylum seeker revealed to the court how he acted out of sudden rage when 17-year-old Cheryl turned up to his hostel in Barkingside, east London unexpectedly.

Akin who explained how he had ‘just lost it’, brutally beat up the Tottenham art student by hitting her in the neck with a hammer before he strangled her to death and covered her body with a duvet.  The court also heard how the teenager walked to a library where he bragged to a friend about his murderous attack saying, ‘The hammer didn’t to it- I had to strangle her’

Cheryl, who was in an on-off relationship with Akin for a year, was known to have described him as possessive, jealous and controlling. Neighbours claimed that the screams from the choking could be heard from outside the flat.

Akin had also learnt that he was going to be deported the day before the attack and tried to flee the country after his friend refused to help him hide Cheryl’s body. He was arrested three days later hiding in the back of a lorry at Dover.

Judge Richard Marks QC said,

I hope that you ponder for the rest of your life what you did that day for it was shocking and appalling and unforgivable.

Amin pleaded guilty and was jailed for life with a minimum of ten-and-a-half years, he will be deported back to Iran on his release.