Picture of Balotelli working the field

Mario Balotelli’s name is fast becoming synonymous with race rows in Euro 2012. Another one has been sparked after an Italian councillor posted a picture on Facebook of the Manchester City striker as an immigrant working the fields.

Fifty one-year-old Paolo Cini, from Italy’s right-wing Future and Liberty party, wrote as a caption:

He comes and commits a foul worthy of a red card, scores then unleashes a verbal onslaught against the bench forcing them to shut him up.

This clown should go and work in the fields.

Many immigrants in Italy from Africa and South America work in fields picking vegetables to earn a meagre living. With this, a connection has been made with the picture and many are outraged and deemed it racist in nature.

This is straight after UEFA fined Croatian Football Federation over £60,000 when their fans threw a banana and shouted racist abuse at Balotelli during the Italy vs. Croatia match.

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