Unless you were living under a rock this whole weekend or were backpacking in Timbuktu, there is no way you could’ve escaped the talk of the town which was BBC Radio One’s Hackney Weekend. The festival kicked off on Saturday 23 June with live music across six stages from some of our favourite home grown artists as well as international acts.

However it wasn’t just their music that we were paying attention to as we were also busy analysing their outfit choices- crying at some, laughing at others and admiring a few.

It’s hard to decide who braved the cold weather the best and who looked hottest over the weekend, but here at Pappzd we like a challenge. So while the weather was causing a storm over the festival, here’s a list of the men who were causing a storm in our underwear.


While most of us have moved past our tie-dye phase, it looks like Dappy is still enjoying the 90s trend as he dawned a £35 Signature White Dope Chef T-shirt as he performed his tunes in Hackney.

Teamed with light wash jeans, his signature hat style (this time round a black beanie), superstar sunglasses and of course every rapper’s must have diamond chains, Dappy somehow manages to avoid looking like a total train wreck.

Would we date a man wearing this? No. But does Dappy pull it off? Yes!

Tinie Tempah

We all know Tinie is a ‘fashionisto’ now that he has his very own clothing label, Disturbing London, which is being sold in prestige shopping departments such as Selfridges (fancy), but there’s no such thing as too much promo as the Written in the Stars rapper stepped on stage covered in Disturbing London gear.

Tinie rocked out in a signature £15 Disturbing London T-shirt and £162 Disturbing London X MHI Inverted Stadium Jacket (basically making him a walking advertisement for the brand) matching his T-shirt with a pair of red Nike trainers and camouflage shorts.

Not bad for the ambassador of Men’s Fashion Week.


Hooray! For once Labrinth isn’t dressed like a granddad *throws confetti*. This look definitely wouldn’t get a thumbs up from us had he been spotted elsewhere, but we’ll turn a blind eye as we understand the importance of being comfortable while on stage at a festival (however this still doesn’t excuse Rihanna’s outfit choice).

He rocked a pair of red chinos, a buttoned up shirt and two tone gilet which on paper doesn’t sound to convincing but alas he made it work. Accessorised with  a woolly beanie and sunglasses, he kept his star quality while being practical.

Plan B 

Plan B is still riding on the success of his film Ill Manors and seems to have left his tracksuit days behind. Amen. Looking like a true film director and a boss, he was suited and booted for his performance in Hackney which got the crowd going wild. We’re glad that this suit wasn’t ill fitted unlike his Brit Awards getup, which looked about 10 sizes too big due to his dramatic weight loss.

How he always manages to comfortably perform in a suit, we don’t know. But what we do know is that we are in love with this new dapper look and we hope to see more of the clean cut Plan B, aka Mr. Ben Drew.


Phwoarrrrr! Would you look at that? *attempts to not lick computer screen* the ever so suave Kano has definitely been missed. He showed us all just why we love him (and want to have his babies) during his performance at the Hackney Weekend dressed up in all different kinds of sexy.

Wearing a pair of low slung dark wash trousers, a loose black T-shirt and  a super sexy leather jacket Kano kept it simple but still managed to have our heart pulses racing.  A hint of stubble added to the rough and ready look which was finished off with a pair of shades.

Who do you think looked the best out of this selection of hunks?