It looks like we’re not the only ones who think that Tim Westwood needs to start acting his age a bit more, as dubstep producer Benga echoed our sentiments in a recent interview.

The 25-year-old is currently hosting a show on 1Xtra with fellow dubstep producer Skream and when asked about the Big Dawg getting axed from his Drivetime show, Benga said:

I’m probably going to be hated for this because I don’t think he likes me as it is, but it’s probably time he grew up a bit. He introduced me to McNeal and stuff like that, so I like the fact that he’s still bringing certain artists to the attention of people that wouldn’t hear it, but he’s got to give up that act.


However, he did end with a few kind words about the DJ:

I listened to him the other day and he was paying tribute to Biggie and played his old interviews with him. It was just so ‘Wow’, he really did bring this to England properly. You cannot fault that.

Paying tribute to rap legends or not Westwood, it will never be OK to host Proud2 raves when you’re in your fifties.