Oh dear, there’s only been one eviction but the cracks are already beginning to show in the Big Brother house!

Earlier today, a tense conversation broke out between Adam and Lydia after a suggestion was made that she may be game playing.

Let’s face it. Adam Kelly, who grew up on the streets of Los Angeles and has been involved in all sorts of crime, isn’t exactly going to be scared to speak his mind.

The ex-drug user said he would support Lydia but would become annoyed with her if she kept talking about the fact she’s going to be up for eviction. Adam said:

If you continue with this ‘I’m going to be up again this week’, it will annoy me. If it happens all the time, ‘I’m playing this card again’, I will have a problem.

Wow, tread carefully Lydia! We wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Adam if we were you!