Are we the only ones hoping she's brought a similar outfit into the house?

It’s that time of the year again when Big Brother dominates our TV screens and distracts us from the more important things in life like exams and spending quality time with our loved ones.

Yesterday’s show was full of beautiful ladies, but the one that caught our eye was assistant manager and former Playboy bunny Sheivonne Robinson. The 28-year-old hottie, who can down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds, arrived wearing a gold sequined dress and stunning heels.

Sheivonne worked as a bunny at the Playboy Casino in Mayfair last year and apparently once got a tip of £10,000 which is a tenth of the Big Brother prize money!

And while some of us have spent our days working in a stuffy office, Sheivonne has travelled on the Playboy jet as a Jet bunny and met Hugh Hefner twice on her travels.

Sheivonne and her playmates

But if any of you guys were planning on getting to know Sheivonne once she leaves the house, you’ll have to be more honest than Honest Abe as she thinks all men are liars and cheaters.

The guys at Pappzd are pretty excited to see what she gets up to in the house, especially since her party trick is to smoke a cigarette with her boobs (how one does that we do not know).

Though we are starting to wonder if Big Brother purposely chose to put a porn star, Playboy bunny and a couple of sex addicts in the house. Because a combination like that can only end in something extremely XXX rated.

Check out some more pics of Sheivonne below.