Tashie Jackson and boyfriend Hugo Dodol KissingIf there’s one way to successfully get over your ex, it’s to find a brand spanking new boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend but one who happens to be a jewellery heir with houses all around the world.

Tashie Jackson and Hugo Dodol on a yacht in Switzerland

Tashie and Hugo relax on a boat in Geneva,Switzerland

Former Big Brother contestant Tashie Jackson has ended it with BBC’s The Real Hustle star Jazz and found herself a Swiss boyfriend by the name of Hugo Dodol. Speaking about their relationship and how they met Tashie said

Me and my girlfriend were invited to a party at his house by a mutual friend of ours and literally the second he opened the door it was love at first sight. I didn’t leave his house until the end of my stay there.

He is extremely well off and his father is the owner of Bijoux the jewellery which he has just sold. We both went to boarding school so we’re from the same background.

He is the biggest gentlemen I have ever met and treats me like his princess. I could not ask for a better boyfriend! He has houses all over the world and we’ve stayed at a few in the time we’ve been together.

The loved-up pair may have only been together for a few weeks but Tashie has already met his parents and there’s even been talk of marriage!

He flew me to his beautiful house in the mountains of Switzerland which is in fact a famous ski resort- where I met his delightful father.

We drank wine in the hot tub every night and sunbathed in the day. I’ve also met His mum on another occasion and she is amazing and we get along well.

We’ve been together for less than a month but he’s talking of getting engaged at some point soon!!

Tashie Jackson and Boyfriend and Hugo Dodol Pictures

Easy Tiger! Tashie shares an intimate moment with her new beau

But does Hugo have a problem with dating a former reality TV star? Apparently not. The 25-year-old is very understanding about his girlfriend’s career and plans to support her in all her endeavours. Well we’re not going to deny the fact that we are so jealous, we just hope this relationship will be Tashie’s last.

Oh and when you start sending out wedding invitations, don’t forget to add Pappzd to the list. Check out some more pics of Tashie with her boyfriend Hugo below.