A British computer expert has been revealed as one of the victims of the Dana plane crash in Lagos that claimed 153 lives.

Antonia Attuh fled Nigeria as a refugee when she was four and lived in the UK up until two years ago when she took a job with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Crash claimed 153 lives

All  passengers on board the plane died when the Dana Air flight crashed in a neighbourhood about five miles north of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos last Sunday.

The Foreign Office was unable to confirm whether Ms Attuh was on the plane, however a spokeswoman said

It is believed that there was a dual British-Nigerian national on board the flight.

Attuah’s sister Jill Chime told BBC Radio 5live’s Up All Night programme on Wednesday that a cousin had gone through around 70 bodies in an attempt to find her.

I also have my cousin who yesterday had gone through 30-odd bodies trying to locate her, and today he has gone through a further 40.  But as of yet, we still have no confirmation of a corpse.It is very difficult and distressing.

A cousin who was due to collect Mrs Attuh from the airport told Jill her sister was on the Dana Air flight, this was also confirmed by Mrs Attuh’s husband, who had seen her off.

Jill has called for an international inquiry into what caused both engines to fail on the 22 year-old Macdonald Douglas MD-83 aircraft.