Let’s admit it, we all love witnessing some good ‘tweef’ on Twitter because the idea that celebrities find time in their oh-so-busy schedules to bruise each others egos always makes for great entertainment and yesterday was no exception.

In the pink corner of yesterday’s tweef we had girl of the moment Rita Ora, and in the blue corner hit making producer and DJ Calvin Harris.

In an interview with the Sun back in April, Rita allegedly admitted that she had originally snubbed the offer to release Cheryl Cole’s number one single Call My Name claiming it wasn’t her style. The Sun quoted her saying:

I heard Call My Name quite a while ago because I was offered it…  turned it down. I do like the song but I didn’t want to sing it ‘cos it’s not really me. I don’t want to go down the dance route that a lot of other popstars are doing… I prefer to have my own sound and do my own thing.

Not one to to let things fly over his head, Calvin Harris took to Twitter on Friday to put Rita in her place claiming that she made the whole story up.

Rita, who has since deleted her tweet hit back at the We Found Love star tweeting:

See what I dn’t understand is y dn’t people @ your name when they talk about u? So for the record’ don’t believe media when they twist s***.

To which Calvin replied:

Rita obviously couldn’t handle the heat and soon stepped out of the ring and before you knew it the tweef was over and it  was all hugs and kisses.

Did Calvin scare off Rita’s ego or did mentor Jay-Z take charge behind the scenes and tell Rita to end it? Either way these two need to take lessons in proper tweefing like Alexandra Burke and Example. Far more entertaining!