Charlie Sloth and Big Brother's Chris

When BBC Radio 1Xtra pointed out the striking resemblance between Big brother 2012 contestant Sam and DJ Charlie Sloth, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

The two guys look so much like brothers we had to do some research to find out if there was something somebody wasn’t telling us. So lets have a look at what they have in common.

Why we think Charlie and Chris are twins.

Well we’re not going to ignore the fact that both men are on the chubby side, and while Chris seems to have spent some more private time with eyebrow tweezers than Charlie, it looks like these two guys have been visiting the same barber to achieve that side swept look.

Chris is a self confessed ladies man, and Charlie reckons he’s the best looking fat guy in the universe so they obviously share some DNA in the confidence department.

And finally both guys love seeing themselves on screen. Charlie had his famous ‘The Charlie Sloth Show’ in 2010. A documentary about his life which we’re sure probably featured Chris as a body double, and Chris of course put himself on Big Brother!

We reckon one of the guys should have a word with their mum to ask about a long lost twin brother before Pappzd has to make a few phone calls and break an exclusive.