The car crash that is Chelsee Healey has been sporting ever more bizarre style choices recently and our only explanation is that she and her stylist must have had one hell of a bust up.

We know she isn’t usually a beacon of fashion expertise but this week was even worse as she donned a range of attention grabbing outfits, 66% of which left her underwear fully exposed for innocent bystanders to see.

Don’t get us wrong we love ourselves a little bit of the Healey, but unfortunately no matter how much we love you, we have a duty to tell it how it is…

Exhibit A


Chelsee stepped out at London nightclub Mahiki in this shocking outfit last weekend. Not only was the dress completely see-through, but the slit up the right hand side made sure that everyone saw as much as possible of Chelsee’s body without her literally being naked.

By wearing a basic underwired bra, Chelsee didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was exposing everything and made the look even more trashy.

The gold jewellery really is the straw that broke the camel’s back with this outfit, and takes it past the point of no return.

Exhibit B


The Pappzd office shook our heads as these pictures landed on our desks. Chelsee Healey stepped out earlier this week in yet another see-through outfit, which has to be the worst of the three. The leopard print, the fringing and the see-through material make this look wrong on so many levels.

The accessories do bring this outfit back from the brink and we have to admit those shoes are gorgeous. It’s almost an insult to Vivienne Westwood to pair one of her bag creations with this look, luckily she probably won’t be seeing it.

Exhibit C


Can someone please explain this jacket to us, because this picture has left us completely confused.

Chelsee Healey stepped out in Manchester with her new boyfriend on Friday, as they made their way to Australasia Restaurant.

We think her new man, who has not yet been named, is the only person who was staring at Chelsee that night as everyone tried to figure out why she thought this look was a good idea.

The patterned pink and orange shiny jacket with huge puffy shoulder pads and hip widening peplum detailing is definitely the worst part of this outfit. We want to run up to Chelsee, remove that coat, those earrings and some of that make up and give her a nice well-fitted blazer.