Dappy and MC Ultr Beef

Despite their differences, Dappy has revealed that he still has his cousin Tulisa’s back and cannot wait to come face to face with MC Ultra, the man responsible for ‘leaking’ a sex tape involving himself and the X Factor judge earlier this year.

Dappy told The Sun:

I can’t wait to catch that guy, MC Ultra, who sold that sex tape. He was her boyfriend for four years. They decided to do something nice together and keep it on the phone, for themselves. He’s an idiot.

We’re not sure we would call a fumble in the toilets backstage at a concert ‘something nice’. And we think Lethal Bizzle would agree with us there.

The N-Dubz frontman went on to say that Tulisa ended her relationship with MC Ultra because he wasn’t a ‘real man’.

 She left him because he was a right softie and she wanted a real man. I remember the day he was crying like a little baby when we were on tour. A year later he sold the tape and got his little pay cheque. So well done.

Oh dear. Well if you do happen to run into him Dappy, make sure whatever you do to him is captured on video. We wouldn’t want to miss out on an exclusive like that.