We all love ourselves a bit of drama, especially when it involves two grown men who happen to be boxers/ part-time divas and Dereck Chisora has brought some drama to the table by announcing that he will be ‘an animal in the ring’ during his upcoming fight with David Haye.

As fun as that may sound to you sadists, the 14 July fight between Haye and Chisora is looking like it could end the same way the Bite Fight did. Chisora and Haye met up recently in London, separated by a wall of bouncers and a steel barricade and words were exchanged that certainty didn’t make the situation between the two boxers better. Chisora said

Come fight night, I am going looking for this sucker in the ring and I am going to f*** him up. I just hope he’s ready to go where I want to go and there are no excuses after the fight. Right now, I’m behaving myself and after the fight I will try to behave myself. But in the ring during the fight I won’t be behaving — I will be like an animal and I’m going to rock it out.

Is anyone else a bit worried as to how animal-like Chisora is going to be? We’ve had enough cannibal stories in the press this month, so lets hope that when he says ‘like an animal’ he’s talking about the cute dog that will defend you if needs be and not the angry Tiger about to pounce on his prey.