For a second I thought all hell was about to break loose over the many race rows surrounding Euro 2012!

A fake Twitter account of Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboué tweeted slamming tweets about England manager Roy Hodgson’s choice to drop Rio Ferdinand from the Euro 2012 England lineup.

These tweets got Twitter roaring with favourites and retweets all over the house! People were amazed and praised “Eboué” for his apparent outspoken stance on the issue. Even calling him a hero (that tweet got deleted when they realised I think though!) and all sorts!

‘Footballing reasons’ are said to be the reason why Rio Ferdinand was not included in the team but many think otherwise. Even controversial comedian Frankie Boyle took to Twitter to share his views on the matter:

Racial controversy is already swimming around the fact the tournament is taking place in Ukraine in Poland – two countries notorious for their treatment of players of colour.

Just last week Manchester City striker, Mario Balotelli, who is of Ghanian descent, said he would kill any person who is racist towards him during Euro 2012.

Almost fooled us “Eboué”! But not quite!