As Father’s Day is just around the corner, we’ve decided to show appreciation to our favourite British celebrity dads.

The ones who have left us hot under our collars with their sexy smiles, gentlemanly ways, boss attitude and jaw dropping bodies that have left us thinking ‘he would get it… all of it.” And, of course those who have made the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Chucky Venn

Chucky Venn

Chucky Venn in Cosmopolitan magazine

Let’s face it, BBC One soap Eastenders was slacking for quite a while in the male candy department. I mean looking at Derek Branning’s mug whilst you tucked into your supper on a Monday night never went down too well.

So when Chucky Venn brought a much needed Ray of sunshine (see what I did there) to Albert Square as character Ray Dixon, women across the UK wanted to head over to BBC Elstree studios to kiss the casting director.

As well as being the onscreen dad to Morgan Butcher and Sasha Dixon, Chucky is actually the proud father of his own all singing all dancing daughter Renee.

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Back in February he posted a video of Renee dancing to The Bullitts’ track Supercool. And this week he tweeted:

Marry me please! Isn’t he a sweetie.



Scorcher in a waistcoat

scorcher with new baby son

There’s something about Scorcher. I don’t know if it’s his bad boy image or his ‘I couldn’t give a fuck’ way of thinking. Whatever it is, it has the ladies swooning at his feet and when he became a dad for the first time, with his son to singer Sadie Ama, we fell even deeper in love with the north London MC.

Scorcher recently bought his son his first pair of Jordans along with a Tottenham Hotspurs baby grow. There’s even a picture of the cutie wearing an SB.TV snapback.

Wretch 32

Wretch 32

Wretch 32's smart look

Celebrity daddy-of-two Wretch 32 has this way of making women say ‘Awww’.

With his well mannered swagger and gentlemanly ways, the Tottenham rapper has established himself as one of the industry’s nice guys; so we can only imagine how great he is with his kids.

In an interview with the Sun back in August, The Hush Little Baby rapper revealed how his six-year-old son Kyrayn didn’t think much of his dad’s music an in actual fact preferred rapper Chip:

My son Kyrayn’s a bigger fan of Chipmunk than he is of me. Any song Chip puts out, he seems to love it… Although I did catch him singing Don’t Go the other day. But he would never tell me he likes it to my face.

Well, we still love you Wretch!



Wretch 32 rip dad tattoo

Unlike Wretch you would probably catch our next celebrity dad on the Jeremy Kyle show.

Having Kaye Vassell as your crazy baby mama and Tulisa Controversialos as your cousin would make anyone want to seek counselling.

The former N-Dubz frontman has to juggle taking care of his two kids (sons three-year-old Gino and 18-month-old Milo) as well as on-off girlfriend Kaye; what a handful!

So it didn’t surprise us when the 25-year-old hit headlines in September when he was slammed by childcare experts for revealing he would put pepper in his Gino’s mouth every time the toddler swore. Yes, Dappy’s son actually knows how to swear…

Marlon McKenzie

Marlon McKenzie

Marlon Mckenzie topless

Now how could you forget this face?  X Factor reject but certified hottie Marlon Mackenzie made the hearts of women across the country drop when he stepped foot on the X Factor stage in 2010 and gave a pitch perfect rendition of the Bill Withers’ classic Ain’t no Sunshine.

Marlon has two children with former Cleopatra lead singer Cleo Higgins, daughter Chika Li Chie and son Taylor James who is sure to take his celebrity daddy’s good looks.

Pffft! Who needs the X Factor when you have the sex factor…!

Idris Elba

Idris Elba 

Idris Elba beard look

Whether he’s playing a troubled detective chief inspector in Luther, an infamous druglord in The Wire or even pretending to be Beyonce’s husband (let’s not talk about that movie), Mr. Elba has shown that he can play many roles.

That includes the role of a father to his daughter Isan Elba whose mother is Liberian actress Dormowa Sherman and from whom he divorced in 2001.

Last year the 39-year-old actor became a father for the second time to his son Otega, but for some reason kept it all hush hush. Maybe the fact that it’s rumoured that his girlfriend at the time, Desiree Newberry, was an ‘exotic dancer’  had something to do with it, though he strongly denied it.

In an interview with Essence magazine, the Canning Town-born actor even denied having a son. When he was asked how his daughter Isan enjoyed being a big sister, he frostily replied “I only have one daughter”… Ouch!



Harvey angelic pose

Serial womaniser MC Harvey, who is known more for his late night trouser snake antics than his music, is the proud dad of 3-year-old Angel Hylton.

The former So Solid member had a daughter with Popstars The Rivals reject Javine Hylton. Two years previously it was revealed that the two had been having an affair whilst he was married to Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon.

The pair soon got engaged but then split in 2009 after Harvey cheated AGAIN. Karma really is a bitch.

Romeo Dunn

Romeo Dunn

Another former So Solid crew member who has dabbled in art of baby making is Romeo, now known as Romeo Dunn.

The father of two has always had this calm, cool and collected attitude about him and his stint on this year’s celebrity Big Brother portrayed him to be very much the gentleman, which of course  the ladies loved. We can imagine him treating his little girls like princesses. Bless!

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Whether we like it or not footballers in the UK tend not to have the cleanest track record when it comes to the number of who they’ve played with, slept with, groped and fumbled in cupboards with. (No, Jermain Defoe, we haven’t forgotten).

But we have high hopes former Chelsea golden boy Didier Drogba. When Chelsea last won the Premiership cup back in 2010, Drogba brought the youngest of his three kids, son Keyran, to celebrate with him. Little Keyran now has his own Facebook page.

In the Drogba household, PR is obviously introduced before solid food!

Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters

With a Twitter bio that reads ‘Love Life. Love my family. Love my job.’ Our third former So Solid Crew member, Ashley Walters isn’t afraid to show his fans just how much his family means to him. With pictures of his bundles of joy all over his Twitter account, it’s obvious that he’s a proud daddy, not to mention he’s very easy on the eye.

The MC turned actor has three gorgeous children with his high school sweetheart Natalie Williams, daughter China, and sons Shayon and Paniro. In an Interview with the Evening Standard, Peckham born Walters shared how he at first found it hard becoming a dad at a young age:

I’d never call my kids an accident, but it did come from nowhere for me. At first I was very selfish about following my career. Then I took my eldest along with me on tour and we developed an amazing bond; it’s really hard to be separated, really hard.

And there you have it Pappzd’s list of our ten favourite sexy, strong, lovable and controversial UK celebrity dads. All that’s left to say is Happy Fathers Day!