We know Today’s Euro 2012 game has left a lot of men extremely frustrated and angry. So Pappzd, being the lovely people that we are, have compiled a list comparing the French and English squad’s hottest WAGs to help relieve some stress after what turned out to be a tension-filled game.

So who will win the war of the hotties? Will it be the ladies of the three Lions or the French Belles of Les Bleus? Lets have a look

Kaya Hall

British WAG Kaya Hall

Phil Jones’ girlfriend has brains as well as beauty. The young business student has proved herself to be quite a feisty one, defending her man on Twitter after he was attacked for leaving Blackburn and transferring to Manchester United.

Kaya may not be as well known as Coleen Rooney or Alex Gerrad, but she’s got a face for magazines and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who would enjoy seeing her on the cover of Nuts.

Melanie Slade

British WAG Melanie Slade

Theo Walcott’s fiance was recently voted the hottest WAG of England’s Euro 2012 squad on dating website What’sYourPrice.com, so it’s only fair she gets a place on this list. Slade came on top of a list asking men to pick which WAG they would most like to date, and with her toned body and striking blue eyes, it’s easy to understand why.

Referred to as Arsenal’s first lady, Slade has featured in FHM and been on the cover of Arena and Hello magazine. Melanie gave up a potential modelling career to focus on her education, though if I were Slade, I wouldn’t worry about pursuing any type of career if my fiancé was a premier league footballer.

Kimberly Crew

British WAG Kimberly Crew

Kimberly Crew has been with Man City goal keeper Joe Hart for five years and in that time has holidayed with the Rooneys and been treated like a princess on various shopping trips.

Crew came fourth in a list of the hottest WAG of England’s Euro 2012 squad and we reckon she deserved it with those legs. She definitely likes to be treated like a lady and is often spotted out, with Hart holding her bags.

Tatiana Golovin

French WAG Tatiana Golovin

Tatiana doesn’t need a rich footballer to take her shopping, the French beautie has already made a name for herself as a talented Tennis player. And apparently at one point had the best forehand in the game. Which we’re sure, outside the tennis court, is useful for another type of physical activity.

Tatiana now spends her spare time following her Man City boyfirend Samir Nasri around, which is probably not as exciting as hitting balls back and forth but it beats a day at the office.

Émilie NefNaf

French WAG  Émilie NefNaf

Émilie NefNaf may be new to the game, but her body will definitely have some oldtimers on the phone to their personal trainers. The French reality star is the missus of Paris Saint-Germain player Jérémy Ménez and is definitely one of those WAGS you want on your arm at all times.

Apparently the couple are about to become parents and once they do, then Émilie can happily add hottest MILF to her list of achievements.

Charlene Suric

French WAG Charlene Suric

There’s nothing we love more than a WAG in a sexy football kit and Charlene’s sexy pics for a shoot with Umbro in 2010 are definitely stick on your wall worthy. Manchester city player Gaël Clichy, who plays for the French national team, is quite a hottie himself so it’s only fair that his wife meets his standards.

Unfortunately Charlene, who runs a communication company, wont be joining her man out in eastern Europe and thinks the French are not really interested in WAGs. Which is a shame considering how well their ladies have done in our comparison.

Well, whoever said WAGs should be kept away from footie games definitely knew what they were talking about. And after this list, we have to say the French ladies have won it this time. But at least they didn’t win the game, well we didn’t win either but at least us Brits care about our WAGs.

Now over to you guys, what country do you think have the hottest WAGs?