Tinchy Stryder officially launched his headphone line, the Goji Tinchy Stryder: On Cloud 9 headphones, at London’s Paramount Center Point last Thursday. And like a pair of jealous kids who like to ruin their brother’s birthday, Jamal and Maxsta were dressed to the nines obviously trying to outshine the Stryder Man. But out of the two, we can’t make up our minds on who was dressed best for the occasion.

Jamal and Maxsta both went for the shirt and cap combo, obviously after a long phonecall together deciding on what to wear.The SB.TV founder went for a funky cartoon inspired shirt, chunky silver rings and of course his classic cap which he is hardly seen without.

Maxsta went for a smarter look with a blue and white Hawaiian shirt and sharp grey blazer. We weren’t aware the I Wanna Rock rapper could scrub up this well, and we definitely want to see him dressed like this more often. On a dinner date with us perhaps…

Having said that we aren’t quite sure if we’re on board with Maxsta’s efforts to bring Hawaiian shirts back into fashion. But he makes up for it with a nonchalant middle finger and a sideways cap. Very cool.

This one is too hard for us to decide, so help us out by telling us, who looked hotter?

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