When we saw the words ‘Jessie J’, ‘locked in a toilet’ and ‘Jay-Z’ we nearly had a fit. Images of the Price Tag singer pulling funny faces while Jay-Z took a dump ran through our filthy minds. But it turns out all that happened was a practical joke gone wrong, which left Jessie J being rescued by the American rapper’s security after getting locked in a toilet.

The Price Tag singer told The Sun:

I went with Will.i.am to the first Watch The Throne show in London. I somehow managed to find myself walking into the stage with them all — Will, Kanye, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian.

I was like ‘Wow, what a crew’, then me and my friend got stuck in the toilet. We nipped in to do our make-up and my friend knew the door was broken but locked it anyway and said, ‘Babe I think I’ve broken the door’.

They’d been on for one song, we could hear them and it got to about 15 minutes and Jay’s security came in and they literally kicked down the whole door.

Is anyone else thinking what we’re thinking? Jessie J needs to ditch that friend! I mean if you’re going to lock me in a stinky toilet at least get Jay-Z or Kanye to kick the door down. Not some security guard no-one even knows. Friends eh?