Jessie J has never let a moment slip without bombarding viewers of BBC’s The Voice with her I’m-just-keeping-it-real attitude. The outspoken judge, whose contestant Vince Kidd was voted least favourite by the public on Saturday’s final, has landed herself in hot water with the talent show and music big cheese Simon Cowell after she slagged off the X Factor in an interview.

Jessie explained to The Mirror back in April why she had joined The Voice and what turned her off about the X Factor:

The Voice is the show I want to work on and I’m not going anywhere… I ­genuinely want these people to come out of this show at the end and know that they’re equipped to tackle the music industry… The Voice isn’t about gimmicks. X Factor rely on that and that’s their thing… But it’s not our thing.

When Simon Cowell and the X Factor producers caught a sniff of what the Price Tag singer had said let’s just say sh*t got real. The music mogul has banned Jessie from the X Factor and has allegedly vowed never to work with her again. A source told The Mirror:

Simon used to really rate Jessie, both as an artist and as a person. Now he can’t stand her… Simon will never work with Jessie again. And the show’s execs feel she has made her BBC bed and must now lie in it… She wanted to plug her new single on this year’s X Factor but Simon has said no

Moral of the Story: Never bitch about Simon Cowell to a newspaper, there’s a chance he’ll find out… Then again nobody’s perfect. (sorry we just had to)