Let’s not beat around the bush, England’s recent attempt at beating Italy in the quarter finals of this year’s Euros was erm.. a bit ‘Leave It’ to say the least.

All in all the match was pretty one sided especially in the second half and our British boys just looked knackered from start to finish. Did anyone else spot Wayne Rooney’s particularly pink face?

However England defender Joleon Lescott has defended his team (ironic) saying they have nothing to be ashamed of.

He said:

 A lot was made before the tournament about how far we could get and in every performance we have shown pride and passion and that is what the England fans wanted to see.

It is disappointing to be going home but as soon as we’ve licked our wounds, we can look back and feel we’ve made the nation proud.

You and the rest of the team can feel however you want Lescott, but if there’s one thing the nation have been made, it isn’t proud. Disappointed, embarrassed? Yes, but it’s only a game right?