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There have been many people who have attempted but failed to copy the almighty Bizzle in his vlogs. But one brave soul has taken on the challenge and mastered the grime artist’s style of vlogging.

The 19-year-old A-level student, otherwise known as Leo Coleman, gave an uncanny performance as an entry for Lethal B’s #LeaveItYeah competition. Only one winner will have the opportunity to win “bare” Dench and Boy Better Know t-shirts and goodies. All the entries have to do is tell Lethal about their day in the best “Leave It Yeah” style they can.

Speaking to me in a rather posh accent, he revealed that he moved to Barnet in north London just nine years ago from Ireland.  So how did he lose that accent so quickly, adopt a posh London one and still do a perfect Lethal Bizzle impression?! He said:

I’ve always been pretty good at accents and impressions. I’ve been doing it since I was young so I can move between accents pretty well.

He’s so popular that at over 14,000 views he even has more views than the video Lethal B uploaded to announce the competition itself!

Lethal B tweeted:

Even Kojo is in agreement:

Lethal B’s “DENCH” is set to be UK’s answer to YOLO after the word was picked up by mainstream media.

Now here’s the fun part. Close your eyes and watch the vid and we promise you, you will not be able to tell the difference between Leo and the Pow rapper. If this guy doesn’t win then.. I will eat my Dench hat!

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