It’s not everyday that you see a veteran and living legend footballer like Gary Lineker in a DENCH t-shirt.

Well…. we didn’t, it was a photoshopped photo.

But we had to rub our eyes for a second when we saw this picture in The Sun newspaper this morning!

Lethal B has been banging on about this word “DENCH” for goodness how long and now he has finally been given the publicity he has craved.

The Sun reported that Lethal B wanted to give Gary Lineker some slang lessons recently after he called Bizzle’s Three Lions song “sick”.

He said:

Gary should have said DENCH instead of ‘sick’. If he starts saying DENCH it would be enough to get him in the DENCH gang. He wears his clothes well but could look more DENCH with a hoodie and snapback cap. His ears would hold it up well.

The Bizzle started the label with Arsenal striker Emmanuel Frimpong last year and has sold thousands of the gear all over London and the rest of the country.

Well… keep DENCHing Bizzle! (Can we say that? Well, too late, we just did).