Tim Westwood seems to be in everybody’s bad books these days. And this time it’s Mic Righteous and Logic who have taken shots at the infamous DJ.

The two rappers dedicated a track to Westwood on a recent leg of Mic Righteous’ True Talk tour and got the crowd chanting ‘F*ck Westwood’ numerous times while on stage.

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Apparently the two rappers feel Westwood doesn’t give enough support to UK rappers,  preferring to play American artists all day and didn’t leave anything out in their Anti-Westwood song. Even mentioning Westwood’s alleged ‘thing’ for younger ladies, saying: ‘You got caught touching a girl who was 15’.

In a somewhat official statement on his Youtube page, Righteous revealed the reason behind the song

This is for every artist past and present from all over the world that have wanted to just slap this joker mid interview but had to show restraint for the sake of progressing their career. I salute some of the work that Tim has done for Hip Hop and I will try to be as righteous as I can but I wont have this guy or any other violating what I stand for. Much love and thanks for the support.

Now Westwood has done some pretty effed up stuff, but he’s helped a lot of people in the industry too. We think everyone should have a good sit down with some tea and biscuits and sort this mess out. And if that doesn’t work out then I guess Righteous will just have to catch the next train to Margate.

We joke.