We would definitely describe Loick Essien as a very talented artist and he’s also pretty hot. So it’s no surpirse that Coca Cola have named him as a Future Flame and offered him the once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Olympic torch.

If anyone asked us to carry the Olympic torch (we’re available by the way) we would dress up in our finest attire, but it seems Loick favoured practicality over impressing the onlookers in Lincoln on 27 June, as he wore a colourful vest top and dark wash jeans with black and white plimsolls. We guess it’s pretty important to have your arms free, you don’t want anything catching on fire, and look he’s even tucked in his necklace, good boy.

He seems to be really feeling this vest as he actually wore it four days earlier to perform at the Isle of Wight festival on 23 June. Gross.

Let’s hope Loick changes his clothes for the Derby and Nottingham performances…

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the Stylist