The X Factor welcomed yet another guest judge in Manchester this week in the shape of former Spice Girl Mel B. With her bandmate Geri Halliwell straddling a car at the Liverpool auditions, we understand why Mel B wanted to go all out and get noticed.

But unfortunately wearing satin jeans and a khaki vest top is not the way to go about it. In what looked like a throwback outfit, Mel B wore trousers that were too tight, too shiny and too 80s. Teaming them with gold shoes, a gold Hermes belt and a gold chain strap attached to the smallest and most unnecessary bag we’ve ever seen.

She added even more trashiness to the outfit by wearing gold earrings, a gold necklace and bangles.

We know you’re rich Mel, but you don’t have to scream it at us! Someone really needs to remind Mel B that we’re in 2012 and there’s no longer any excuse to be wearing zips on your trousers.