Let’s face it Melody Ellington is one of those artists we would rather see than hear, so we’re glad to see her putting down the mic for a second and pursuing her modelling career with a new sexy photoshoot that will get everyone’s hearts racing.

The glamour model went for three different looks in her photoshoot, each of which shows a different side to her personality, and trust me each one is hotter than the last.  Lets take a look.

1. Girl Next Door

We’re pretty sure that if any guy saw a girl like this on the steps next door, he would go running over without hesitation. In this look Melody channels her inner disco diva and matches bright summer colours and contrasting textures. While her knitted mesh dress looks super casual, the hint of nipple and pink heels make this a very, very sexy ensemble, and bright accessories bring it back to the 80s.

 2. Hip Hop Honey

This look wouldn’t be out of place in a hot summer Hip Hop video. Melody makes the most of her sunny surroundings and works the most casual look of the shoot, rocking a pair of colourful shorts, a plain white vest and blue pastry trainers with no laces. She looks ready to get involved in a basketball game but the hair and make up keep it sexy and glamorous.

 3. Sexy Dominatrix

In comparison to the others, this look belongs firmly behind closed doors. Melody works the dominatrix look with tousled curls, a corset inspired net top and tight black shorts. She adds an air of cabaret with black stockings, and brings it back into the 21st Century with edgy leather boots.

The only dilemma we’re faced with now, is what picture we’re going to add to our Pappzd hotties calendar! Check out some more pics below.