It looks like the tattoo trend is here to stay as more and more of our hunky UK men cover themselves head to toe in ink.

What gained popularity as a form of rebellious self expression in 90’s American rap by 2Pac has now turned into a worldwide craze with people covering every inch of their skin with symbols, words and crazy patterns in order to stand out from the crowd.

Many don’t even know what the symbols they permanently etch on themselves actually mean. Others are seemingly unaware when they’re spelt incorrectly.

In more recent times American artists like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa have helped David Beckham resurrect the trend, and of course when the USA sneezes the UK catches flu.

More than a few British artists have decided to jump on the “I’m an expressionist individual” bandwagon and covered themselves head-to-toe in tattoos they’ll need to explain to their grandchildren one day.

Let’s take a look at the five most tattooed UK artists.


5. Angel


We all know that Angel knows how to dress, but this singer likes to take his accessories one step further and ink them on his body.

The Go In Go Hard singer doesn’t just like to tattoo his body, but like fellow artist Scorcher, he went one step further and tattooed his face in two different places. We sure hope Angel never has to change careers, but with a body like that, modelling is always an option.

Loick Essien

4. Loick Essien


It’s definitely fair to say that Loick has a little something similar with Chris Brown and whether he was inspired by him or not, the fact still remains that their tattoos definitely resemble each other.

Nevertheless we definitely don’t mind who the singer is inspired by, as long as we get to see more bedroom pics!

Wizzy Wow

3. Wizzy Wow


Producer Wizzy Wow is one of those undercover tatted up guys.

Not every Twitpic is of him posing with a brand new tattoo, but when we discovered what was lying beneath his baggy clothes, we have to say we were very impressed.

We definitely think he should get his tatts out for the girls more often. We said “tatts,” read it again!


2. Teezy


Rapper Teezy is no stranger to the ink and it seems like every week he’s in getting a new part of his body tattooed.

His most recent tattoo really is a work of art but we do wonder where it will all stop. With all the tension between Chip and Teezy we just hope that they don’t end up having a tattoo war, that could become very painful.


1. Chip


The artist formerly known as Chipmunk is probably one the most well known British artists for being covered in tattoos.

He’s always been a big fan of body art but he left his sweet boy image behind once and for all when he spent time in America and came back simply covered in new tattoos.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t go ahead with his crazy plan to get tattoos on his eyelids.

Phew! That was quite a journey and we think we have seen quite enough ink for one day, but who do you think rocks their tattoos the best?