British Businessman Hugo Obi is the founder of Maliyo Games

If you thought Angry Birds was addictive, Pappzd have just discovered a new range of games that have the power to get you fired, get you dumped or get you so frustrated that you smash your laptop against the wall.

British Businessman Hugo Obi , has created a Games company by the name of Maliyo, which includes games such as Okada ride, Kidnapped, Aboki and Mosquito Smasher. Maliyo provides games with Nigerian themes and is a great stress relief after a month of tough exams.

Ever wanted to ride an Okada or attack some kidnappers? Well now you have the chance

Speaking about the games Obi said

Our games are inspired by the ordinary folks in Lagos, Nigeria and the diaspora who yearn for more engaging localized content. We want to be as diverse as possible with our titles, we’d like to see different cultures, attitudes and lifestyles emerge from our games. We want our games to be owned by all Africans, not just Nigerians…

So if you’re missing Lagos and the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair while riding an Okada, or you feel like getting revenge on those pesky mosquitoes that ruined your legs during your last visit to Abuja, then Maliyo games is just what you’re looking for.