Niketown queue for Yeezy 2 trainers by Kanye West

I’m pretty sure, this is the only time you will see THIS amount of men in one place queuing up in such an orderly fashion! And not a girl in sight!

Hundreds of men have been attempting to queue outside Niketown in Oxford Circus since WEDNESDAY for Kanye West’s exclusive trainers, Yeezy 2! A Niketown source told Pappzd:

People were banned from queuing up until a day before the sale. As soon as midnight struck, people began to queue.

The trainers will be on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday 9 June) for just over £200. But get this – people are already putting them up on Ebay as PRE-ORDERS before they’ve even bought a pair in the shop themselves!

Kanye West Yeezy 2 trainers available on Ebay before they come out

They’re being auctioned off for THOUSANDS! These are just trainers. Aren’t we in a recession?!

As usual, Twitterati had something to say about this frenzy!

One guy simply tweeted:

And a passing woman observed:

A line outside NikeTown but no line outside the sexual health clinic.






If you’re only just reading this and you’ve only now decided you want a pair, look at that queue! Is there any point? Really?

Check out the latest photo at 11.30pm the night before!

As Jessie J would say…. ridiculoso!