When you think of Noel Clarke what are the first words that come to mind? Award winning actor, producer, screenwriter, director, arrogant perhaps?

We’re aware of the fact that with great success comes a greater ego and a greater ego comes with a bag of arrogance. But Fast Girls star Noel Clarke explained in an interview with the Metro the misconceptions about him saying that there’s not a single arrogant bone in his body and he isn’t as grumpy as he looks… just think twice before you ask to take a picture:

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and I’m very confident. Arrogance is a label put on you by the insecure who can’t deal with your confidence. The other one is I’m unapproachable because I can look quite scowly. That’s not an invitation for people to approach me, by the way. People can say hello and I’ll say hello back but don’t expect a picture if I’m in a restaurant with my family.

Oh okay, so Noel is just misunderstood. And there I was starting to feel a little insecure. Phew.