Noel alongside cast member Lenora Crichlow

Surprise surprise, Noel Clarke is annoyed again. However this time, it isn’t Adam Deacon who’s ticked him off, it’s the International Olympic Committee.

The 36-year-old screenwriter and director revealed that halfway through shooting his new film Fast Girls he was banned from mentioning the word ‘Olympics’ or ‘2012’ because it was copyrighted.

Fast Girls (co-written by and starring Noel) focuses on the struggles and successes of a British women’s sprint relay team as they compete for a place in the World Athletics Championship in 2011.

This sounds to us like the perfect run up (excuse the pun) to the Olympics this summer, but clearly the International Olympic Committee were having none of it.

Noel is adamant that this is yet another example of British films not receiving enough support and claimed that this would never happen in America. He told the Radio Times:

It’s a disgrace. A total disgrace. We had to approach the Olympic Committee and they had to check with all their sponsors… It’s a disgrace, really. It’s all business, isn’t it? And I guess we’d be cashing in on their business.

This is the problem with films in this country. They are not respected enough and not helped enough. In America that would never have happened. The sponsors would have got involved and said ‘Yeah, great’. But this is how we treat ourselves.

We might have to agree with Noel here. It looks like this was taken a bit too far.