Ortise Williams Wearing Funky Bling beanie

The JLS boys are known for showing off their fancy cars, clothes and hot girlfriends. So when Oritse Williams was spotted leaving  the Rose Club in central London last weekend, we knew something would be on show.

Oritse was enjoying a night out together with his bandamates, wearing an on trend Year Zero London studded biker jacket and a slightly crude top by Rocky Mazzilli with ‘Suck Me Dry’ written on it. Thanks for the offer Oritse, but we’re gonna pass this time.

The 25-year-old singer accessorised with a Funky Bling beanie and berry boots which, combined with the lining in his jacket, made Oritse look like a ghetto fabulous fruit bowl.

Ortise Williams wearing Year Zero London biker jacket

The best part of the outfit had to be Oritse’s arse, which he exposed as he got into a taxi. We’re not sure how even with a belt, his jeans managed to slip down to his knees. But it seems since Rita Ora did it, everyone’s exposing a bit of bum these days.

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