You would’ve thought that being a hit making movie producer, an award winning actor and chart topping musician would mean that you were rolling in cash. I mean we know Plan B isn’t in the same tax bracket as Steven Spielberg yet but we’re surprised that the Ill Manors star has revealed that penny pinching has left him struggling to even buy himself his first home. The 28-year-old star said

When I first started renting, this guy from Foxtons was walking me around these flats in Hackney going, ‘This is a really great two-bedroom place in a brilliant location’. I was like, ‘Are you being serious? This is an ex-council flat, mate – the people next door aren’t even paying rent… And you’re telling me I’d have to pay so much? If I can’t afford to buy my own place, I can’t even think about how difficult it must be for other people.

But wait. Didn’t The Sun say in April that Plan B was reportedly a millionaire? What the hell happened to all his money? Though the Hard Times singer did pay off his mother’s mortgage so that may explain the slight hole in his pocket.

Oh the joys of being a mummy’s boy. *Sigh*