Rapper-turned-director Plan B has revealed that Noel Clarke is the person that encouraged him to go ahead and make his debut film Ill Manors.

Plan B told Digital Spy:

Ill Manors came from a short film called Michelle. It was something I wrote and directed to prove that I could direct. I actually wrote a script before this that a film company had offered to make. They offered me funds to make it until I expressed my desire to actually direct the film. It went quiet. Then I decided I needed to go off on my own, shoot the short film to prove to them that I could direct.

I made Michelle and was really interested in adapting that into the feature Ill Manors. Noel Clarke saw the short film and he said, ‘You should make this into a feature.’ I thought, ‘Maybe I should’, because it’s a way of tapping into a fanbase that already exists through my music.

And surprise surprise, Noel Clarke was rather pleased about this recognition!  (Particularly after being rather annoyed at others who haven’t quite given credit where credit’s due *cough* Adam Deacon! *cough*)