Let’s be honest, one of the worst things to happen to an artist on stage is for them to fall over in front of thousands of people. Anyone remember Drake’s recent drop in Birmingham? Yeah, we’ll never forget it either.

And with the massive line-up at the Hackney Weekend event, we knew somebody was going to have a problem on stage. (We were hoping it would be someone we didn’t like)

Plan B performed his hits at the outdoor festival, despite the rainstorm but couldn’t quite keep his footing and tripped several times on stage. Though unlike Drizzy’s acrobatics, the Ill Manors rapper didn’t roll over.

While most celebrities would have laughed it off and given it the old “It happens sometimes” talk, Plan B was having none of it. He said:

God decided to open up the skies, but we got through. I’ve been in a bit of a mood for a while, to be honest, but I’m getting over it now.

But at least his pal Jessie J was on hand to stick up for him saying:

I was up there watching Plan B. It’s not easy up here on the stage when it’s raining.

And let’s face it she’s had her fair share of unfortunate falls in the past too. Jessie wore a cast to last year’s Glastonbury after she double fractured her left ankle and still sang smiling. Hardly compares to Plan B’s blip, so less of the toddler tantrums please!

Check out his performance here.