will.i.am and jessie j at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert would’ve been nothing without some urban stars to grace the stage and bless us with their finest music!

The concert took place outside Buckingham Palace with 10,000 people sitting in specially erected stands, and another 10,000 standing. Oh yeah, not forgetting the 250,000 people standing all the way down the Mall!



Will.i.am at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert

Britain’s biggest American fan will.i.am performed Black Eye Peas’ hit I Got A Feeling with Jessie J. He was energetic. He looked like he was having fun… I guess?

He didn’t please some of his fans though, as one tweeted:


Jessie J

Jessie J

Jessie J at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert

With a clever interchange, Jessie J went on to perform her number one song Domino. The queen of singing live she smashed the vocals and completely blew someone out of the water *cough* Cheryl Cole *cough*



JLS at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert

JLS’ introduction to the stage reminded us just how well these guys have done since finishing as runner up on X Factor!

They’ve had five No.1 singles and three platinum-selling albums! Not sure about the green colour scheme though!

When they met the Queen backstage she told them One watches them on the royal telly! Ooooh!

Grace Jones

Grace Jones

Grace Jones at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert

Eccentric Grace Jones got the award for the wackiest performance of the night!

The 64-year-old wore a red and black PVC leotard topped off with an alien-like red head piece. All of this whilst hula-hooping for the DURATION of the performance! Talk about multitasking?!

Even though she’s just a minute shy of retirement age, this woman STILL has a body to die for and clearly she knows it, otherwise she wouldn’t wear such a ludicrous outfit. Despite the wacky performance, the soon-to-be pensioner showed she still got it!

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert
Ed Sheeran gave a heartfelt performance of his hit The A Team. This performance must be the highlight of his career so far!

Ed Sheeran meets the Queen at the Diamond Jubilee concert

The Queen looks rather chuffed to meet the ginger-haired kid backstage!

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert

Ahh! The man with the voice like golden rain drops! Rightfully, he was one of the headline performers.

Some of the songs he sang were Sir Duke, Happy Birthday and Isn’t She Lovely. Rather fitting don’t you think? He even edited some of the songs to fit the Queen’s name and threw “Diamond Jubilee” in them. Aww such a sweetie!

Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry

Lenny Henry at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert

Lenny Henry was one of many hosts during the course of the night.

He made rather awkward black jokes to a predominantly white crowd! For example,

he’s got a CBE. Which stands for Chubby Black Entertainer

At one point he said

All the black people say ‘Yeah’.

And when the crowd (irrespective of race) cheerfully responded with a ‘Yeah’, he continued,

That’s three of us then. Let’s fight!

Erm… Awkward! How can you say that in front of the Queen?! Really, very disappointing. We think his CBE should be revoked for his awfully lame choice of gags and not being able to gauge an audience.

(For the record CBE stands for Commander of the British Empire – quite a high accolade!)